Jon M. Marinas, President and CEO of JMM Global is pleased to announce the acquisition of JMM Global by BSM Wireless, a leading provider of remote monitoring, fleet tracking and maintenance for mobile and fixed assets.

Mr. Marinas said in a statement that “I am delighted with our new venture and believe our entire group will benefit from this acquisition. We will continue to grow as an industry leader for environmental asset and proactive compliance solutions. JMM Global will continue to operate under the leadership of Jon Marinas with the support of BSM’s infrastructure.

Mr. Marinas continued, “The combination of BSM & JMM ‘s knowledge and expertise creates an exciting opportunity not only for JMM, but for our valued clients as well. This strategic acquisition significantly adds to JMM’s financial capabilities and resources, giving JMM a competitive edge while allowing the company to provide a greater range and quality of services to our customers.”

BSM strongly believes there is a significant amount of overlap between fixed and mobile assets and recognizes the importance of helping clients manage the regulatory compliance requirements of these assets. Aly Rahemtulla, President & CEO of BSM commented, “I am extremely impressed by what Jon and the JMM team have accomplished. They will continue to manage the daily operations of the business. BSM will look to further enhance the product by investing in the JMM business and providing resources where required with the goal of providing maximum benefit and value to the customer.”

About BSM Technologies (
BSM Technologies, through its subsidiary BSM Wireless Inc., is a leading provider of remote monitoring, fleet tracking, fleet maintenance, and a business intelligence engine providing real time, web‐based tracking of mobile and fixed assets. BSM provides solutions for commercial, government, and law enforcement organizations who manage and operate diverse assets and large fleets, and who seek to enhance customer service, improve the safety of their drivers and vehicles, and lower business costs.

About JMM Global (
JMM Global is an established management consulting company that provides an entire suite of services focused on reducing the complexity and liability associated with all aspects of regulatory-challenged assets. In providing environmental asset management, JMM offers expertise to owners that are confronted with the necessity of outsourcing mandatory compliance tasks to mitigate risk from fines and violations. On behalf of their customer base, JMM advocates to the local, state, and federal regulators which creates a high demand for JMM’s products and services.