Smart Inspect Mobile Survey (SIMS)

Inspection process streamlined into one management system

Consistent Approach to Onsite Inspections

SIMS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution storing survey data, detailed photos, and GPS tags to reports for robust record keeping. This powerful storage tank compliance solution integrates with market-leading stationary asset management solutions giving the added convenience and benefit of accessing all your tank compliance and inspection data through one software portal.


  • Proactive approach to managing onsite compliance
  • Quick deficiency results and ability to trend recurring operational compliance issues
  • Workflow and resource efficient by storing and managing compliance data
  • Tailored to individual regulatory forms with specific fields for a flawless, comprehensive inspection
  • Instantly generate reports from a centralized location, pull records onsite, document inspection activity, edit photos, and create exception reports to document safety deficiencies
  • Environmental Compliance and Site Specific Inspection Templates
  • Online and Offline Capabilities
  • Access Data from any Online Device
  • Monitor Inspector’s Progress in Real-Time
  • Manage Task Execution and Follow-Up

See What Our Partners Say About Us

“SIMS has given us the opportunity to spend less time managing data and more time taking action to issues discovered during the inspection process. Our third party inspection company is raving about the ease of use compared to other platforms.”

“JMM has always provided top-notch service to our company. They provide personalized service, always respond in a timely and professional manner, and most importantly, do what they say they are going to do! We are extremely satisfied with our relationship with JMM and look forward to continuing to work together for many years to come.”

JMM Global,  a Titan Cloud Software Company, is comprised of industry veterans that are now regulatory compliance consultants. We use our collective 80 years of experience to provide an entire suite of services focused on reducing the complexity and liability associated with storage tank systems. JMM offers environmental compliance, fuel inventory management, and mobile inspection survey solutions.

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